Valeria A Ferreira (DO  MSc Ost  PGCAP) was born in Brazil and has been a resident in London for the past 28 years. She is an enthusiastic and committed lecturer at the UCO and practicing osteopath in the City of London.  
Valeria completed her Osteopathic training at the COET (2000) and the MSc in Osteopathy (2006) at the ESO, where she conducted a research project investigating the effectiveness of Osteopathic treatment on patients with Endometriosis. 
Valeria is an associated fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), who teaches at the BSO, leading the 4th year Visceral Osteopathic module. She is also a member of the final year technique team. 
Valeria delivers various CPD courses in Osteopathic integration in the UK, Europe and Brazil, exploring the application of the structural, fascial, visceral and cranial approaches and techniques.  She runs a very successful practice in the City of London, where she has worked for the last 19 years and in Lewisham (SE London). 

The Abdomen

Visceral techniques will include palpation of the whole abdomen and the ligamentous structures, assessment and mobilisation of the diaphragm, liver, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, colon and mobilisation of abdominal transitional zones or "sphincters".


Day One
Introduction and expectations
Principles behind visceral osteopathy
Diaphragm - Anatomy and techniques
Diaphragm techniques

Lunch break  

Abdominal palpation (transitional zones)
Liver: anatomy, basic physiology and demo
Liver practice
Pancreas and Spleen

Day Two
Clinical discussion around a clinical case
Techniques to the lesser omentum 
Small intestine

Lunch break

Ascending colon, transverse and descending colon
Colic flexures and sigmoid colon     

Palpation of the whole abdomen going from one organ to another: use of the different techniques for specific structures, such as ligaments - to enhance participants’ palpation.



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Locatie: schoolgebouw FICO - Santvoortbeeklaan 23, 2100 Antwerpen
Data:   vrijdag 26 - zaterdag 27 oktober 2018    
Lestijden: 09.00u - 18.00 u.
Financieel: € 550
IBAN BE 70 8601 1648 1925 BIC: NICABEBB
Mededeling: uw naam + The Abdomen
Erkenningsnummer KMO: DV.O215851
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